• Power Switch Card Game
  • Power Switch Card Game
  • Power Switch Card Game
  • Power Switch Card Game
  • Power Switch Card Game

Power Switch Card Game

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Players strategize their way to victory by discarding the right card at the right time. However, even the best laid plans go awry when your opponent lays down the Shock Play card and you’re stuck with big points in your hand. Or maybe you’re about ready to go out and win the round. Not so fast. Looks like another player is going to use their Power Switch card on you and now they might be the one that gets the win!

Content List: 
57 Quality Cards

● 1-12 Blue, 1-12 Green, 1-12 Red, 1-12 Yellow

● 3 Shock Play Cards

● 6 Power Switch Cards

2 Dice

● 1 Numbered

● 1 Color Lightning Bolt

Play it anytime

Play it anytime, anywhere. A 2-6 player card game you can enjoy over and over again. Kids compete equally against parents and grandparents in this fun-filled card game. Couples, friends, and families love the exciting energy of Power Switch.

➢ Wildly Popular All-ages Card Game

Surprisingly Strategic

Perfect for Everyone

➢ Easy to Learn

Game Features

  • Multiple Ways To play

    36 possible ways to start the game. Never the same game twice. Turn you table into a power zone.

  • Strategic Play

    Use Strategy to build the “Power Tower” and “Power Lines” during game play. The “Power Tower” powers the other supporting lines.

  • Shock your opponents

    Draw from the generator pile to regain energy. Make a “Shock Play” and stun your opponents!

  • Make a power switch

    Use a “Power Switch” card during the game and instantly change the direction of the game energy.