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Action packed card game where players race to match all of their gator sports cards before their opponent does. Win instantly by matching all 4 GOAT cards (Greatest of All Time). Quick set-up. Easy to learn. Each round played in under a few minutes. 1-4 players. Multiple ways to play. Family-friendly. 
Content List: 52 quality cards
● 4 GOAT Cards (Greatest of All Time)
● 4 Basketball Cards
● 4 Soccer Cards
● 4 Motocross Cards
● 4 Tennis Cards
● 4 Cheerleader Cards
● 4 Football Cards
● 4 Volleyball Cards
● 4 Surfing Cards
● 4 Baseball Cards
● 4 Snowboarding Cards
● 4 Hockey Cards
● 4 Golf Cards
12 Gator Chips (to mark completed piles)
1 Gator Pit Mat (where the action takes place)

1-2-3 Go Gators!

Say 1-2-3 Go Gators and the mad dash to grab & match cool sports cards featuring the Got Game Gator begins! Think you’ve got the W? You better be quick. Your opponent is about to take a shortcut to victory by matching the 4 GOAT cards (aka Greatest of All Time). No worries! All the players will be excited for a rematch!

⚽ Ages 6+

Quick Set-up

Learn to Play in Minutes

⚽ Fast Rounds

⚽ Multiple Ways to Play