About Us

The Gator Games Story

Gator Games is family owned and operated and was started when the founders, Kirk and Linda, set out to find a solution to the disconnection and stressors of everyday life. What resulted was a surprising discovery of their passion and purpose; to bring joy to kids, teens, and adults through their family-focused and positively inspired games and products. Our wish is to inspire your loved ones to gather around the dinner table and make life long memories and connections.

Meet the Got Game Gator

The Got Game Gator is the brand ambassador for Gator Games. The GGG is an adorable role model whose focus is on fun, fair play, positivity, and kindness toward everyone. These characteristics are inherent in each of our games and other products. We hope you enjoy them!

  • Charlie H.

    We had 3 high school couples at our house Friday night and they played Power Switch.  A lot of fun and laughter was had by all.  They played for a solid 3 hours! 

  • Valarie O.

    We played with friends tonight and they love the game!

  • Roger R.

    My wife’s mother is kicking all our butts at Power Switch!  It was enjoyed by all.

Play is the language of children, have you spoken it to them lately?

- Vince Gowmon