About Us

For many of us, boredom was the byproduct of months of being socially isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Necessity, the famous mother of invention, led my me and my husband to create an energizing new card game that became our boredom buster!  Hi! We are Kirk and Linda, the creators of Power Switch, a card game that fosters human connection in a way reminiscent of simpler times but with a modern flair.

Finding a solution for boredom can be a daunting task. However, we quickly learned that we were doing more than killing time when we played Power Switch. We were having fun again in a meaningful way. The feedback we received from those who tested Power Switch for us was encouraging as we realized we had created something more than just a card game. Power Switch is a vehicle for human connection. But don't just take it from me. The following is what people who've experienced the power of Power Switch have said:

We had 3 high school couples at our house Friday night and they played Power Switch.  A lot of fun and laughter was had by all.  They played for a solid 3 hours!  Charlie H.

We played with friends tonight and they love the game! Valarie O.

My wife’s mother is kicking all our butts at Power Switch!  It was enjoyed by all.  Roger R.

These testimonials and others along with pictures we received of smiling grandkids playing alongside their elderly grandparents, laughing couples playing alone, and groups enjoying a special Game Night were affirmation of what we had suspected; the strongest connections are made without WiFi! This led us to take a leap of faith and commit to developing not only Power Switch, but a brand which stands for connections made through good, clean fun.


Power Switch is about creating sweet memories with the people who are most important to you regardless of life circumstances. So, gather your friends and family members around the kitchen table, grab your new classic card game, and Switch on the Fun!